How Blogging Can Help Your Business


Blogging has become increasingly popular throughout the last decade, with many companies dedicating resources to creating effective blogging platforms. Starting from scratch can be intimidating, as it takes a lot of time and research to develop blog posts. Brainstorming new topics and writing unique content may not be something you have time for. 

However, blogging can have an incredible impact on your business, with the proven ability to funnel traffic back to your website. By blogging, you can establish your business as an authoritative source in the industry, which is a great way to attract new customers. Here are eight ways that blogging can greatly help your business. 

How Blogging Can Grow Your Business

Drive Traffic to Your Website

First and foremost, blogging can drive traffic to your website. You can choose to blog on a wide variety of topics, which will then reach a more expansive audience. By posting regularly, you can establish that you’re active online. As more people find your blog posts, they’ll be exploring your website and finding more information on your products or services. 

Convert Traffic Into Sales

Ultimately, your goal with website traffic is most likely to convert it into sales. It’s usually beneficial to include at least one call to action in a blog post. This may be a button advertising your services, or a free form of content. Some companies include templates or infographics with beneficial information. In exchange for that content, the reader will have to fill out some personal information, most likely an email address. 

Attract New Customers

Blog posts can help you stay connected with your current audience, but also reach a new one. It’s a great way for potential customers to be connected with your business. You’ll also expand your reach when you post about varying blog topics that people are searching for. 

Establish Authority In Your Industry

Blogging shows your knowledge on a certain topic, which means it will establish your authority in that industry. If you are selling a product or service, this can be a powerful way to showcase your expertise. It will also differentiate your business from competitors. If people can learn about how well informed you are, they’ll be convinced to give you their business.

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Link building is extremely important in the world of SEO. It contributes to high domain authority and establishes credibility with your website. If you have a blog that does well, more websites will be linking to you and sharing your website with others. 

Connect Blog and Social Media Content

If you’re regularly posting blog content, it could easily be repurposed into your social media channels. This becomes a way to easily reach different audiences with the information you’re advertising. It can also be an outlet for advertising newsletters. 

Drives Long Term Results 

The wonderful thing about blogs is that they continue to reach people long after they’re posted. Many companies have even found that the majority of their leads stem from previous blog posts, which are sometimes called compounded blog posts. You may have a blog that does really well, which then becomes the source of most of your website traffic. This also improves SEO, as people continue to visit your site and share your links.

Share Company News

Blogs offer important insight into your company. It’s here that you can advertise news about what’s going on. This could be new employees, products, birthdays, events, and more. News that you want to share can be put together into a blog post to keep your current customers informed on updates within your company. 

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