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With our extensive copywriting and editing experience, we are able to create quality content for your business.


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Content Creation

Content creation is one of our many specialties here at Such n Such Media. Content creation is a way of sharing ideas and stories throughout the media, specifically through the written word. Our team creates unique content that can be shared on multiple platforms. With over 5 years of content creation experience, we have the expertise to handle your copywriting, press release, grant writing, and more. 



Copywriting is a form of content creation for advertising. Our purpose with copywriting is to engage the audience and increase brand awareness. When we are copywriting, we are trying to tell a story that will not only reach the target audience but also please the algorithms. We can achieve SEO-friendly copywriting so you can see results! 

Grant Writing

We understand the importance of having a well-written grant proposal, which is why we offer grant writing services here at Such n Such Media. Our content writers are highly knowledgeable about writing professional grants. We can write grant proposals, grant contracts, foundation grants, and we offer proofreading and editing services for previously written grants.

Press Releases

Press releases are a great way to get out information about your company or event to the public. Our press releases are written in a custom format to best fit our clients’ requirements. On top of writing your press release, we can also distribute it to a wide range of media outlets. All you have to do is give us your target audience, and we can share your press release on multiple outlets so that your company news reaches the largest audience possible. 

White Pages

Writing white pages is one of our many content specialties. Before we even start to write content, we map out a strategy. We want you to be able to use the white page as a way to generate leads, so we start with a well-thought-out plan on how the white pages will best serve your company. Once we have a plan, our content writing team takes care of the hard part. We will deliver you well-calculated white pages that will get the attention of your prospective customers. 

Ad Copywriting

When it comes to ad copywriting, it takes a high level of creativity, wordplay, and impeccable writing skills, which we are experts in. Your ad is a way to gain the attention of new potential customers, so you need well-written and eye-catching content. All you have to do is give us your goals and we can turn that into notable ad copywriting! 


Here at Such n Such Media, we work on writing compelling and clear proposals for our clients. We create exclusive proposals that are specific to your company’s needs. We take no shortcuts when writing proposals because we understand the significance, and we want to see you achieve your goals. With our extensive experience with proposal writing, we are confident in our ability to deliver you a professional proposal that will get your message across. 


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