Social Media Management

With so much customer engagement and communication happening online, participating on social media is important to increasing the visibility of your company. At the same time, though, in the flood of posts, images, and videos, your content has to be exceptional. To help you maintain your company’s relevance on social media, Such n Such Media offers social media management services. We manage Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts by creating engaging content and growing your following. With consistent, quality posts, we enhance your company’s web presence and engage with past and potential customers.



Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Our Social Media Management Services

Instead of using your valuable business time to monitor and create content for your company’s social media accounts, let us put in the work. Our team of social media management experts have the experience to produce creative, engaging posts. Whether that be a stunning photo for Instagram or witty status for Facebook, we have the resources to increase the relevance of your business. Beyond just creating the content itself, we also monitor reviews and comments while working to grow your following. With each of these strategies at work, you will be able to see your company’s social relevance prosper.

The keystone of effective social media marketing is unique content. A combination of attention-grabbing photos followed by helpful, funny, or heartfelt writing is vital to growing your social media presence. That is why producing this content is the passion of our social media managers. No matter your company’s services, we will create the interesting content you need to capture and keep customer’s attention.

Beyond just creating quality content, using social media to engage with customers is a vital part of effective social media management. That is why we monitor reviews, respond to customer questions, and track comments. By listening and responding to customers on your page, we establish a dialogue with your customers that keeps them coming back to your company.

Once we establish a steady stream of effective content for your social media pages, the next step is growing your following. After all, to funnel new customers to your site, you need to increase your followers on all your company’s social media platforms. Through share posts, tagging, and contests, we will grow your social media following.

Just because your customers follow your social media page doesn’t mean they will always remember all the services you provide. So posts with photos of your projects, blogs you’ve written, and tips for your industry are vital. When customers see your services on their Instagram or Facebook page with links to pages on your website, they will be funneled back towards your website.

Social media pages are an important source of business information for your company. Even simple information like your operating hours, services, phone number, and website needs to be included on all your social media pages. Our social media managers will update all your social pages with this information so your customers can contact you easily at any time.


$ 250 + $400 Monthly
  • Engagement Reports
  • Professionally Branded Accounts
  • 1 - 3 Basic Post Weekly


$ 250 + $750 Monthly
  • Engagment/Responding To Comments
  • Professionally Designed Graphics
  • 4 - 8 Thoughtful Post Weekly


$ 500 + $1500 Monthly
  • Contest & Promotion
  • Boosted Post (Ad Budget Not Included)
  • 10 - 20 Advanced Post Weekly

If you’re ready to take the next steps toward growing your social media presence, partner with Such n Such Media. With our dedicated social media management services, we will produce the engaging content your company’s social pages need to gain new followers and ensure repeat customers. Contact us today for more information on our social media management. Better yet, schedule a consultation today so we can get to work on your company’s Facebook or Instagram page!

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