10 Ideas for Your Company’s Next Email Newsletter

Are you looking for an affordable way to stay engaged with your current customers and get in front of new customers? Email newsletters are a low-risk, high-reward method for increasing the visibility of your business and sharing your achievements, services/products, and expertise. Not sure where to get started? Check out our ten content ideas for email newsletters! 

Benefits of Email Newsletters for Your Business

Are you not quite sold on investing in regular email newsletters? There are many benefits of email marketing, but the top five that we see paying off most for our customers are:

  • Grow Your Audience
  • Engage With Existing Customers
  • Drive Traffic to Your Website
  • Increase Brand Awareness
  • Advertise Your Business’s Credibility and Authority

With email marketing platforms like Mailchimp and Constant Contact, you can build an email newsletter using their premade, highly customizable templates in just a few hours. Additionally, these platforms are affordable, especially if you’re starting with a small number of customer emails, and give you resources to grow your email list and reach new people.

10 Content Ideas for Your Next Email Newsletter

1. Company Anniversaries or Milestones

Is your company about to celebrate 10 years in business? Did you just hire a new general manager? Are you moving to a new location? Share these anniversaries or milestones with your customers. Updating customers on your business’s achievements shows your business’s growing expertise and wisdom and adds to the list of reasons they should contact you when they need products or services you offer. 

2. Open Positions

Are you hiring? Advertise open positions in your email newsletter. The people who subscribe to your newsletters already love and advocate for your company. One of those people may have the skillset you need for your business. 

3. Employee Spotlight

Showing off your employees’ quality, friendliness, and expertise humanizes your business and makes you look trustworthy to customers. Did one of your employees get a great customer review? Share the review and congratulate your employee on a job well done. Did your manager get a new certification or award? Show off their expertise and applaud them for their commitment to advancing the business. 

4. Behind the Scenes

Your customers likely have very little idea of how your company operates day-to-day. Let them into the inner workings with a behind-the-scenes look. You could highlight how your products are manufactured, the places you source materials, follow one of our technicians on a service call, or a host of other options to give customers an idea of how your company works. 

5. Letter from the Owner

Do your customers know who runs your company? Stay engaged with customers by including a letter from the owner or CEO in your email newsletter. This could include company updates, fun facts, industry news, etc. Regardless of the information shared, hearing it from the owner or CEO shows that your business is engaged with customers from the top down. 

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6. Fun Facts About the Company

Keep your next email newsletter light by sharing fun facts about your company. This could include funny anecdotes from your last company outing, your manager’s favorite food, unique uses for your products—you name it! Just keep it light, fun, and informational. 

7. Problems Your Product/Services Solves

Do your customers have a good understanding of how your product/services can solve their problems? Explain it to them! For example, maybe you have a skincare line that focuses on eliminating blackheads. Discuss the difficulties of getting rid of blackheads and how your product provides an effective solution. Or, maybe you’re a roofing company that specializes in fire remediation services. Explain how delaying repairs can cause worse damage to roofing and how your same-day assessments can ensure homes and businesses are in the best shape after a fire. 

8. Client Success Story

Has your product or service helped a client succeed? Share their success story! Whether it’s an in-depth review or a video explanation, highlighting a client success story shows the effectiveness of your product/service, and it allows you to thank a champion of your brand for their support. 

9. New Products/Services You’re Offering

Are you launching a new product line for your custom tools? Have you just started offering high lift conversion for your garage door company? Tell your customers! Highlighting new products and services through an email newsletter is an easy way to spread the word about how you’re advancing your business and increasing customer interest from the beginning. 

10. Limited Time Special or Discount

Are you looking for a way to boost business and move products? Use an email newsletter to advertise a limited-time special or discount. You could offer 20% off flowers for Mother’s Day or free garage door roller upgrades through June. Regardless of the specifics, specials and discounts are a great way to boost sales and are a great foot-in-the-door strategy for engaging with new customers. 

Need Help With Your Email Newsletters?

If you love the sound of these email newsletter topics but don’t have the time to do it yourself, get in touch with Such n Such Media for our email marketing services. We’d love to partner with you to create custom, branded email newsletters that will increase the visibility of your business and drive engagement with your brand. Get started today by checking out our Email Marketing Services or contacting us for a free consultation!

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