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No matter the goals of your ad campaign, we’re here to deliver the best results possible for your business.

Online Advertising

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What is PPC?

Types of Online Ads

Google Ads

When someone has a question, needs to hire a business, or wants to find a specific product online, where do they go nine times out of ten? Google Search. That’s why Google ads are a pivotal part of helping many businesses succeed online. The main types of Google ads we offer include:

Search Ads

Search ads are sprinkled throughout search results, related to the keywords of your search. They are a straightforward promotional method to help get your business or product in front of the right audience with a select number of keywords. Search ads are great for any business, from roofing companies to makeup brands to booksellers.

Local Service Ads

Local service ads show up on SERP and in Google Maps. They are a great way to advertise products or services geographically to your local area. This narrow geographical strategy ensures you get in front of the right people, especially if you offer local home services like garage door repair, HVAC, or lawn care.

Display Ads

Display ads offer a broad audience as they can appear on the millions of websites and apps available through Google Search. They are very visual ads designed to grab your audience’s attention and make a sale. Display ads are great for branding to help you sell merchandise, advertise your hotel, or raise awareness for your non-profit.

YouTube Ads

YouTube ads are great for branding. Whether you’re showcasing your company culture or creating a how-to video for your industry, YouTube ads are an effective way to show potential customers your expertise and company values. We love showcasing businesses on YouTube through company brand videos, product demos, and how-tos to drive traffic to our clients’ websites.

Social Media Ads

If people aren’t looking for businesses and products on Google, their next stop is usually social media. Facebook and Instagram—to name only a few—are critical resources to help businesses see greater success with branding and sales. We specialize in social media ads on these platforms to help you get in front of the right people.

Facebook Ads

With a mind-boggling two billion-plus users on Facebook, it’s easy to see how this platform could be useful for increasing the success of local and national businesses. From static images to carousels to video, their ad customizations make it easy to find the right way to advertise your business through their platform.

Instagram Ads

Similar to Facebook, Instagram has a bounty of options when it comes to customizing an ad campaign for your business. Whether you have fancy product images, how-to videos for your home service company, or a reel to promote company values, we can use that content to drive customers to your profile and website, in turn driving more traffic and sales for your business. 

Looking for Fast Results? Contact Us About Online Ads

While SEO, social media management, and email newsletters are productive ways of driving long-term success for your business, sometimes you need to see results fast. This is where online ads come in. Ads are designed to achieve fast results for your business by driving traffic and new leads right to your website or social media page.

We have experience across platforms and with a variety of business types. No matter the goals of your ad campaign, we’re here to deliver the best results possible for your business. If you’d like to learn more about our online ad strategies or see how to get started with Google or social media ads, contact Such n Such Media for a free consultation.

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