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Email newsletters are an important way to engage with previous and potential customers.

Email Marketing


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Based on your logo and color scheme, we customize an email newsletter that complements the design of your website. This is important for your company’s branding in the minds of your customers. Once we complete the design of your template, we optimize it for both desktop and mobile viewing. This ensures that your email campaign is inviting and accessible on smartphones, tablets, and full desktops.


Before we send the completed email to your entire customer base, we perform A/B testing. This means sending different versions of your email to part of your customers. A/B testing allows us to get feedback on the titles, images, and content that are most engaging to customer interest. With these results, we send out the best version of your email campaign and gather the most interest in your business.


Following the launch of your email newsletter, we perform a marketing audit. This shows data on the open rate of your email and the number of clicks. We then submit this data to you for review. Seeing the success or shortcomings of the campaign, our email marketers adjust the method over time. This allows us to shape a consistent email campaign that captures customer interest and keeps your company’s services in mind.

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Depending on the email marketing package you select, we include three to eight topics. These can discuss promotions, events, new products, business developments, awards, and more. A short consultation with one of our email marketers will decide which themes to highlight that month. We then write unique, engaging content that grabs attention and makes your brand memorable. Lastly, we integrate that content into your personalized template.

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Why Email Marketing?

It’s said that the best customer is the one who already hired you. After all, if you’ve given them a great experience, then they trust you. In this case, why not communicate with them on a regular basis? Email marketing gives you this opportunity to stay in touch. When you hire our email marketing services, we make the process easy for you by learning about your business and creating unique content for customers. We then build the newsletter and send it out to your entire customer base. With email marketing, you can get leads, promote your social media, and get more referrals. Instead of waiting for customers to come back to you, remind them of the great experience your company has already given them. 

Our Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is an important part of increasing the visibility and relevance of your business. Importantly, monthly marketing emails can attract new leads, include vital calls to action, and provide your business with regular advertising. This maintains your relevance to a customer base you’ve already earned, ensuring they will return to you if services are needed again. 

Beyond customer newsletters, you can also select an email marketing package that includes an employee newsletter. This allows you to communicate with your workers, managers, and office personnel on a monthly or quarterly basis. Keep everyone updated on company developments, anniversaries, and announcements. We can even include surveys and employee or product of the month posts. This helps ensure that your employees feel engaged with the company and recognized for their role. 

Here at Such n Such Media, we take care of the entire email marketing process. From consultation to design to email management, we have the tools to ensure your campaigns are a success. In particular, we complete the following four steps to ensure you get the best email campaign for your customers or employees.


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