First Impressions Are Everything

First Impression

The year 2020 is rapidly approaching, and technology is more prevalent now than ever. That said, your online presence matters more today than it ever has. Your website is your home base, and you need to treat it that way. Further than that, most people are accessing websites on their mobile phones. In fact, “mobile phones will be used for 80% of internet access in 2019,” reports Quartz (Karaian 2017). The world is embracing mobile-friendly sites, and so should your business. Also, according to Pixel Union, “roughly four to five Americans are now online shoppers, with more than half having made purchases using a mobile device” (Pixel Union 2019). As a business, having a mobile-friendly site could be vital for the success of your company.

Creating a mobile-friendly and visually engaging website can make all the difference. Customers typically prefer a site that is simple and easy to navigate. A clean, coordinated layout is more visually appealing than a chaotic one. The font color, size choices, color schemes, all of these small steps make a big difference. Take the extra time to perfect the little details on your website to assure that your company’s site is attractive and engaging.

Technology is shifting the way that consumers shop, and businesses must keep up with these ever-changing trends. Having a mobile-friendly site that loads fast will give your company the exposure it needs in today’s world. Your website should be neat, structured, and right to the point. When companies are searching for a service, they want a quick fix and to their problem.


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