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Our writers research your business and ask questions about your goals to personalize your content. Because we focus on research-based strategies, we tailor your content to your business, the areas where you operate, and the customers you want. In house, we then write, edit, and publish content that reflects these business values.

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On-page SEO integrates multiple strategies including content creation, keyword research, page speed optimization, and schema markup to create the best presentation for your customers and the Google algorithm.

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When it comes to off-page SEO optimization, we employ a multi-layered strategy that includes linking building, targeted branding, Google My Business optimization, and more to make your business visible and memorable.

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In the realm of SEO, link building is one of the most little known but vitally important tactics to creating success for your website’s ranking. It involves increasing the number of inbound links to your webpages to earn more authority with search engines.

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What Is Local SEO?

Local SEO stands for Local Search Engine Optimization; a complex process boiled down to an easy acronym. Put simply, the purpose of local SEO is to drive traffic to your website by increasing its visibility on search engines like Google and Bing for queries related to your local services. However, due to the variability of search engine algorithms, SEO optimization is a tricky and changeable process. That is why it is necessary to hire knowledgeable marketers to perform local SEO services for your new or existing website.

To increase traffic to your website and turn that traffic into new customers, you need effective SEO tactics. This is because SEO is one of the most sustainable marketing strategies. Companies that have effective local SEO are thriving and the ones that don’t are failing. To ensure that your company succeeds, our team will use on-page and off-page SEO strategies. This increases the visibility of your company’s website on popular search engines. As we drive your site to a high ranking on Google and Bing, you will see the turnover in quality leads and revenue for your business. 

Our Local SEO Strategies

We begin with an SEO audit of your current website to determine areas where your site is already ranking and where you need improvement. With this information, we build a plan for on and off page SEO strategies. For on-page tactics, we focus on unique content creation, rich with relevant keywords and optimized images. Our content creation services extend to copywriting, editing, and blogging to ensure your site is full of relevant content. When it comes to off-page SEO, we put our efforts into link building and managing your reputation. With one of our local SEO packages supporting your success, you can feel confident in the growth of your business.

How Can Local SEO Help Further Grow My Business?

  • Increase online visibility
  • Outrank local competitors
  • Generate website traffic
  • Increase local sales
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Crawl Budget

Every website has a crawl budget, which is a quota of crawls Google will do on your site. A website with broken links, unorganized content, a plethora of 301 redirects, or improper use of noindex will meet their crawl budget before Google has a chance to crawl the entire site. We often see large websites running into the issue of insufficient crawls. 

Index and Noindex

When you allow Google to successfully crawl your web pages, those pages are marked as “index” by default. Pages such as signup forms, purchasing funnels, confirmation pages, etc. are considered “noindex” because they are not meant to show in search results. For pages with a large number of links on subsequent pages, the first page is typically index, and any pages after are considered noindex. 

Follow and Nofollow

Links on your website can either be “follow” or “no follow”. A follow link will give authority to Google to follow that link through. Nofollow links are often the pages that you would not like to give authority to, making it less important for Google to crawl. Having numerous follow links is beneficial because it creates what is called link juice, increasing the authority and ranking of your website. 

Canonical Tag

Canonical tags are a way to highlight the favored version of a page on your website. Sites that are content-heavy often have pages that are similar to another, so you can execute a canonical tag on the favored page. On eCommerce sites, pages normally have multiple pages for products varying in size and color. With these pages, the URL of the main product page will be in a canonical tag. 

301 Redirects

301 redirects are a way to send users to a different URL than the original one they entered. When it comes to 301 redirects, it is important to think about the user’s experience. You have to determine if the page you are sending them to will pique their interest. You also see 301 redirects if the page has been deleted and you want users to be redirected to a new URL. 

404 Errors

A 404 error will appear to a user when there is no page for a searched URL. That’s why if pages are deleted from a website, all the links to that page should be removed. Sending your users to a nonexistent page is a bad user experience. To repair 404 errors pages, 301 redirects are also a solution to improve user experience.

Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup, also known as schema markup, is a hidden code that gives search engines a brief description of what that specific page is about. Schema markup is an important part of SEO, especially because schema markup weighs heavily on your ranking factor with Google. 

Duplicate Content

Anytime you take content from another source and use it on your website, it is considered black hat SEO. Copying another site’s content word for word or even closely relating the two is duplicate content and can cause your website to be heavily penalized. You should always cite the source of the content you are using and use a canonical tag to make sure your website is not punished, and you are giving credit to the original author. 

User Behavior Metrics

User behavior metrics is what SEO specialist use to determine the worth of a website. When measuring the user behavior metrics, we normally follow the bounce rate, time on a page, and the time on the site. When Google algorithm is ranking a page, it uses the user behavior metrics to determine the overall user experience. 


What results will SEO bring? 

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Why is link building important?

Why is technical SEO important for a website?

What are location pages?


Our writers research your business and ask questions about your goals to personalize your content. Because we focus on research-based strategies, we tailor your content to your business, the area where you operate, and the customers you want. In house, we then write, edit, and publish content that reflects these business values. 

Beyond personalization to make your content feel relevant to customers, we also practice the listed on and off page SEO strategies to make your new website search-engine friendly. With dedicated keyword research and an understanding of the target audience, we create your unique content. This balanced approach makes content that draws in both your new customers and the Google algorithm. 


Our team of experienced copywriters are the people behind the curtain, creating website content that embodies your business. They are masters of tone, style, and research, shaping persuasive content that catches your customers’ attention. Their words will explain your business, capture your mission, and create a compelling call to action. By writing content that meets these goals, our copywriters will enhance your brand’s awareness and funnel search engine results to your website.


Our copywriters have extensive experience with editing to ensure your new web copy is error and plagiarism free. Also, if you have an existing website with original content, we can review it. From mechanical errors to grammar checks, we will revise your content for readability and correctness. We will also enhance your current content using SEO strategies to help you rank in search engines.


Our writers research niche topics in your industry that are continually or recently popular for search engines. They will then create original content that highlights those topics using keywords, links, and readability. However, our writers create these blogs with a focus on your customers, not just Google algorithms. That is why we concentrate on the quality and interest of our writing, making it engaging to readers and valuable for SEO.

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