Why Choose WPengine Hosting for Your WordPress Site

WPengine WordPress Hosting Company

Why WPengine? 🤔

WPengine is a dedicated WordPress Hosting server with specialized features geared to improving and enhancing your WordPress site’s features and performance. When it comes to hosting a WordPress site, it’s essential to consider things like Web Security, Speed, User Interface, Support, etc… 

Web Security, GES Global Edge Security: 🛡️

WPengine offers a feature known as GES, Global Edge Security. This powerful feature greatly enhances your site’s performance and security. Some of the features included are managed Web Application Firewall (WAF), advanced DDOS Mitigation, Cloudflare CDN, and automatic SSL Installation

Read more about WPengine’s GES Feature

( Also ) 😮

WPengine has a setup known as Cloudflare Polish. Cloudflare Polish speeds up your site by optimizing images, removing metadata, applying lossless file compression, and adding the WebP file format. This feature is essential if you’re trying to thrive in the SEO world as it will enhance your performance on mobile devices. ( As Google made Page Performance on mobile devices a ranking factor )


Yes, you heard me right, WPengine offers free SSL certificates for their customers. This is huge considering most companies charge for SSL and how you need one if you EVER want traffic to come to your site.

What it looks like to NOT have an SSL Certificate 👀

Why Choose WPengine Hosting for Your WordPress Site

What it looks like TO HAVE an SSL Certificate 🤗

WPengine WordPress Hosting

User Interface & Support 🎧

WPengine provides phenomenal support with a beautiful and simple User Interface that allows you to manage sites more efficiently.

WPengine WordPress UI & Support

It typically takes 3-7 minutes to chat with WPengine’s friendly support team, and from there, they’ll help assist you with your Web-related issues!

Backing up your site is important!

WPengine backs your site up every day and holds backup points for up to 30 days!

Page Speed Performance 🚀

WPengine is currently the fastest WordPress Host being a World-class Hosting Infrastructure, free fully-managed CDN, Automatic WordPress & platform updates, Run-on the latest version of PHP, and Data Centers across the US, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. 

( also ) 😮

WPengine uses sick tech like EverCaching to improve users’ load times. Learn more about these awesome features here.

WPengine also offers a tool known as Page Performance. This tool breaks down your site and looks for areas to improve page speed and overall site performance. Learn more about Page Performance.

While there are many more reasons to choose WPengine as your WordPress Hosting company, these are the essential reasons why you should consider changing your hosting. 

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