A Trick To Stay Ahead of The Game

Google Alerts

When it comes to marketing your garage door business, you have to have your thumb on the pulse. You need to know what is going on with your city, state, the manufacturers you buy from, and even your competition. That’s why we like to use a tool that emails us every time something hits the internet involving the products or businesses that are important to us. We do this using Google Alerts. Google Alerts sends you daily emails, or notifies you as important events happen. This means, when it hits the search engine, you can get an email with a link showing you what’s been indexed by Google search based on the keywords you entered.

Another great way to get details as they happen is to follow hashtags or companies on Twitter, setting up notifications for when they tweet or use a specific hashtag. However, you’ll have to set up software like Tweetdeck if you want to get alerts or be notified when someone tweets a hashtag. Tweetdeck is a software that helps you manage Twitter more skillfully.

The goal of this article is to teach you about services that get you business-relevant information quicker so you understand developments in your service industry and community. These tips will help you with marketing and sales, but most importantly, they will help you with your business insights.

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