Should Garage Door Companies Use Twitter For Marketing?


Twitter can be tricky. As an owner of a garage door company, I’ve invested time and resources into using Twitter as part of my marketing strategy. When I tell people this, I commonly get asked if I’ve ever sold anything on Twitter. The answer is yes, but perhaps not enough to make it worth the time and effort. However, I’m going to break down the ways you can potentially use Twitter to market your garage door company.


I do not think Twitter is an excellent marketing outlet for garage door companies. Tweeting about your garage door company isn’t going to get you a lot of attention. You can get creative in your posts or have an influencer retweet something of yours, but in general, don’t expect a tremendous amount of engagement on Twitter.


Twitter is great for engagement! Twitter can be intrusive, but it’s also a place where you can interact and engage in conversation. Many companies use Twitter for support by allowing customers to voice issues that need to be resolved. It’s also a place you can find people who use Twitter regularly in your area. For example, I was on vacation and saw someone in our service area post, “Any recommendation for a garage door repair company?” I replied from our business account and told her we would be glad to help and posted our number. The next day I saw we scored a $500 repair!

How to find customers for your garage door company on Twitter:

1: Go to search and put in “Garage Door.”
2: Click the filtered image in the top right corner
3: Change the location to “Near You,” click it, and hit “Apply”
4: See the menu below the search feature. The second option should be “Latest.” Click it, and it will sort tweets by who tweeted most recently

Now, don’t expect this to be a source for leads. The mindset is to be helpful towards those who may be seeking garage repair and hope it gets you business or branding.


Does being active on Twitter provide you with better SEO results? The results are mixed based on the amount of Twitter traffic Google recognizes. However, it’s not a bad idea to post occasionally, especially including links to your website, to keep your name relevant on Twitter. I wouldn’t include your website link every time, though, stay between 1 in every 3 to 5 tweets.

I hope you enjoyed this article. We hope to provide information to help you be a better garage door dealer, and we hope that if you ever need garage door marketing, you’ll consider Such n Such Media. We recommend implementing Twitter into your marketing strategy, but if you’re limited on time or money, it should be low on the list.

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