Maximize Your Website With Unique Images

Unique Images for Unique Content

Treat your photos on your website like they are windows into your business. When we say give us more photos, we mean unique images of you interacting with the daily duties that you regularly report to every day. 

Acting like the lens is just another pair of eyes, capture a still image of you:

  • talking to a customer
  • fixing a component
  • installing a new product
  • shaking a happy customer’s hand
  • viewing a damaged product
  • tending to an emergency call

Still images of these events will exponentially enrich the unique content Such N Such writes around your products and services. Prospectors need to see the written words in action. Sure, we can write about a trustworthy team ready for your call, but as the saying goes, people need to see it to believe it. These are just some ideas of what can make your business stand out through a unique image, but we want to see: 

  • You in front of your company truck
  • Family photos enjoying a favorite hobby
  • In-action photos answering calls 
  • Your stock of products at your warehouse
  • Welcoming customers at your local storefront

Cater To The Majority With A Stunning Gallery of Unique Images

How many people say they’re visual learners? The most common type of learners make up at least 65% of our population, and it is a learning style that is the most engaging. Of course, everyone is a visual learner coming to a website because words, graphics, diagrams, and pictures all build a website’s authority. A unique image affixed to the pages on your website maximizes your mission statement through action. 

The way people shop for goods and services is now sifting through websites, company reviews, and product reviews. Need to gain some online presence, but not sure how? Start with your photo gallery of unique images, and the words will reflect what you want people to see.

such n such CTA

Builds Trust

Particularly for home service companies, building trust through your website can be quite a feat. For those long-standing family businesses that have kept a steady flow through word-of-mouth, personal reviews help a ton, but so do unique images! Prove that your company values exist with a series of pictures. With the addition of some action photos of you helping other customers, this achieves a sense of trust that you can help them, too.

Understand Your Mission Statement

You have to tailor your auto service, healthcare, animal care, tech service, restaurant, coffee shop, or other local business to what you want on display. Aside from gaining new paying customers, what are you trying to say with your website? You want people to clearly see you sell products for a certain audience, or you service people with a specific need. A unique image can do just that!

Here are some instances of aspects your mission statement can maximize with an image:

  • Maybe you’re local? Send us a picture of you outside by city hall, a specific landscape like a tree, street, or something that makes your town stand out.
  • Maybe you’re a 2nd generation family business? Send us a family photo of you and the first-generation founder!
  • Maybe you sponsor local charities, schools, fundraisers, or other organizations? Send us a unique image of you at an event with the sponsored organization.
  • Maybe your company was founded at a certain time? We love seeing pictures of when your business was just a baby! It doesn’t matter the year, even if your business was founded in 1975 or 2018, earlier or later, your website will benefit from it! 
  • Maybe you’re a niche business? Take a snapshot of what best describes your business. 

We encourage conversation about your business goals, and if taking unique images is where you struggle, let us know! We can help you with further content ideas, research local photographers in your area, recommend tools to assist you in this area, and manage your social media engagement entirely.

Debate on the Quality of the Image

A common misconception about posting unique images is the pressure that they have to be perfect. Turns out Google prefers authenticity, which means no editing, filters, or Photoshop needs to be added that will mask the content of your photo. While the quality of the image does not require HD or high resolution, make your efforts worth it. If your existing website contains a slew of project photos and your specialty products, there is a major ingredient missing here: living, breathing people.

Even if you’re a one-person show, selfies are welcome here! While it’s quite difficult to manage a photoshoot by yourself while on a ladder, it’s also very dangerous, so please take a snapshot of yourself safely on the ground or away from harm. Send us a photo as you’re completing a project or your team working on a product or service, and the grade of your website will surpass with flying colors. 

Take Stock Images To The Grave

Google can spot a stock image as soon as you hit “Publish.” In fact, a brief review of how Google works is their search engine technology scans for a combination of codes. It’s great that stock images are royalty-free and free to the public, but that’s exactly the element that can hold your website back by tenfold. A stock image on your welcome page may also be on tens if not tens of thousands of other websites in the entire world.

While stock images are great for adding visuals to a PowerPoint, they don’t belong on your website. During our competitor research, we’re able to spot a spammy website from a mile away with no photos of the business itself, just images of a generic person holding open a door or a group of people talking at a table. Stock photos are only meant to be a placeholder for where you want an image to go. 

stock photo
the team - unique images

Which one seems more genuine?

Don’t Be Camera Shy!

You might have caught on to a certain pattern: we want to see pictures of you at the helm of your business. You’re the one who makes it all happen anyway! Allow us to help achieve your goals by sending us some of your best action photos, team photos, and (even if they’re staged) other company photos of you doing what you do best.

We understand that placing a unique image of you on your website is a huge deal; having a website is a huge deal in and of itself! Talk to us about your company’s goals, and don’t hesitate to schedule an online consultation with our team! 

Contact Such n Such Media And Say “Cheese”

We’re always excited to start on a new client’s marketing journey with Such n Such Media! It’s never too late to add new and unique images to your website! Existing websites can take advantage of the power of photos; our SEO experts will add your newly uploaded photos as soon as you send them!

Website design and SEO optimization is our bread and butter, but there’s so much more that we take care of for you! Contact us for social media management, email marketing, custom ad service, and consulting so you can continue assisting customers and your business tasks at hand better than before. We assign you an account manager so your company’s online presence is being monitored and catered to around the clock! 

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