Navigating the Waves of Google Core Updates

Unveiling the Impact of 2023 Google Core Updates on Home Service SEO

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, the 2023 Google Core Updates have had a significant impact on home service organic SEO. From September to December, of 2023 the bulk of these updates have brought about transformative changes, which have seemingly reshaped the SEO landscape and have influenced the visibility of home service websites in search results. Let’s take a look at the major 4 Google Core Updates from the latter part of 2023 and see how the Such N Such team was able to navigate the highs and lows of the ever-changing world of Google.

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September 2023 Core Update: Prioritizing Helpful Content

The September Core Update by Google marked a pivotal shift by placing a huge importance on helpful content. For home service companies, this meant a shift towards creating content that not only showcases their services but also addresses the needs and concerns of users. This update had a noticeable impact on keyword positions and rankings and seemed to reward websites that provided helpful content, insights, and information.

Impact on Home Service SEO:

– Websites that offered informative content saw improvements in their keyword positions.
– The emphasis on helpful content influenced website rankings, underscoring the significance of addressing user needs.

October 2023 Core Update: Enhancing User Experience

The October Core Update brought user experience to the forefront and impacted how home service companies present their services and products online. Around 10.5% of URLs in the top 10 search results experienced fluctuations, highlighting the need for websites to quickly adapt in order to maintain or improve their rankings and stay relevant.

Impact on Home Service SEO:

– User-friendly websites in the home service sector witnessed positive shifts in their rankings.
– These improvements played a role in the dynamics of rankings, necessitating adaptability

November 2023 Core Update: Emphasizing the Importance of Quality Content

The November Core Update in 2023 placed significance of high-quality content. Websites that showcased exceptional content experienced improved rankings, while those with subpar content faced a decline in visibility and ranking. This Core Update highlighted the crucial role that content quality plays in determining search rankings.

Impact on Home Service SEO:

– Home service websites with superior content quality witnessed an increase in rankings.
– Low-quality content resulted in a decrease in search results, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing quality over quantity.

December 2023 Core Update: Enhancing Search Algorithm Dynamics

Closing out the year, the December Core Update lasted for 26 days, one of the longest-lasting updates of 2023 This update continued to emphasize the importance of high-quality content while refining search algorithm dynamics for home service providers. This Google Core Update also focused on penalizing websites with AI-generated content. 

Impact on Home Service SEO:

– Changes to the Google algorithm led to subtle changes in keyword positions for home service websites.
– The refined search algorithm favored home service websites that had improved content quality.

The Such N Such Proactive Approach: Commitment to Excellence in Home Service SEO

In the world of digital marketing for home service companies, adaptability is crucial. Such N Such Media has consistently embraced a proactive approach, and we anticipate shifts brought about by Google Core Updates. Instead of reacting to changes, we proactively adjust our strategies, ensuring that our home service clients not only withstand these updates but also emerge stronger in the ever-evolving SEO landscape. 


The Google Core Updates during the latter half of 2023 have had a significant impact on home service SEO. As we reflect on the consequences of these updates, it becomes evident that the home service sector must remain vigilant and adaptable. By staying proactive, Such N Such Media reaffirms its commitment to guiding our home service clients toward success in the ever-changing SEO landscape! 

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