Iconic Garage Door Services

How Our Teamwork Made The Iconic Dream Work

As one of our largest CMO clients, Iconic Garage Door Services is a one-of-a-kind local home service company whose website showed leaps and bounds after we untangled their gratuitous plug-ins and broken links, and we streamlined their content, headers, and overall company goals. 

Contact us for a free 15-minute consultation to see if your company is right for our specialized marketing services. This is how Such n Such Media joined forces with Iconic to make their planned goals and unforeseen dreams work. 

Iconic Garage Door Services joined us in mid-February of 2023, and we were delighted to take on such an established garage door repair and installation company with two locations and over 1,000 five-star reviews to date. They were more than ready to grow in the Greater Phoenix area, surrounding their Queen Creek, AZ and Fountain Hills, AZ locations. They signed up for adwords, Call Rail, social media management, email newsletters, and ongoing SEO with Such n Such Media.

Our First Month With Such N Such Media’s CMO Client

As part of our hospitality and with their integrated marketing package,Ryan Lucia flew out to their original location in Queen Creek, AZ the first week of March to take ample photos of their recent projects around their service areas and new showroom in Fountain Hills, provide hands-on training, and discuss the company’s goal at length with the owners, Sebastien and Michelle LeBlanc. For two days, Ryan gathered invaluable information about their service areas, competitors, and enough original pictures to supply our team for revamping their current website, social media, and online advertisements. 

Iconic signed up for the largest package Such N Such Media offers, where we cater to their marketing needs; in fact, every marketing need is accounted for, so the client can just focus on their given service for their customers. 

Meanwhile, our web and development team uncovered Iconic’s current site and their dense plug-ins, which were greatly affecting their page speed and site accessibility. By the end of spring, our team had untangled their site’s back end and boosted their overall site speed. 

SEO note: When it comes to page and site speed, one of the most basic and integral SEO qualities, Google favors search results that are appropriate and fast-loading. This is a before and after snapshot of their page speed featured below.

Iconic page speed Before
Iconic page speed After

Harnessing The Qualities People Look For In Their Home Service Company

Now that their site was up to speed, there was so much more work to be done in the coming months. When it came to Iconic Garage Door Services as a top Such n Such Media client, we found that it wasn’t about garnering dozens of new prospects to their site weekly. We needed to make them easily visible and harness the essential qualities that people look for in any home service company. 

How long has this company been in business? How close are they to me [a potential customer]? What are all the services that they offer? Are those services general, high-quality, specialized, affordable, or over-priced? Would my neighbors know anything positive or negative about them? 

In this case, we were harnessing the qualities that any prospector would look for in their local garage door repair and installation company in the Queen Creek, AZ and Fountain Hills, AZ areas. Into the summer, our content team eliminated any/all duplicate content, showcased Iconic’s friendly service team throughout their site and About page, and responded to all positive reviews their customers left them on Google as well as posted on their Google Business Profile.

Nurturing A Quality User Experience

During the summer, our content team harnessed the “quality over quantity” mindset. We asked  the LeBlanc’s to send over groups that Iconic Garage Door Services are already a part of, networking events they regularly attend, etc. We researched how to obtain specific and valuable backlinks, which would gain them exponential visibility if another local business added Iconic’s website to their respective domain.

Our team regularly communicated with Iconic Garage Door Services so they could provide more information about how to nurture some of their in-person relationships. For the rest of the summer, Iconic Garage Door Services underwent routine Google Search Console reports, Adwords research, Google Analytics, and unique content updates for their evolving website.

Iconic Garage Door Services ranking in August/ September 2023

Enjoying The Fruits of Our Labor: The First Taste


By the last week in September, Iconic had increased 3 positions over the span of a week, and ranked #1 in Google’s local pack for “garage door repair queen creek az”.

Snapshot of their Header in September 2023.
Snapshot of their Header when this article was written, as of November 20, 2023.


After two consecutive Google core updates, many of our clients took a hit, according to their monthly reports. Despite our team’s investigation into what those core updates meant for Iconic, on October 5th, Iconic Garage Door Services won a “Best of the Best” award.

Iconic Garage door Services 
Best of the Best

We also gained backlinks for them, so if anyone was on another local directory search, they could find Iconic Garage Door Services.

Our Grandest Challenge For An SEO Client 

Sometimes it’s tough helping a client revamp their website after so many months of minuscule retouching. When we’re looking at their site’s backend, the code can all start to look normal. But when our team took a step back at where their company stands now versus when we started with them, the progress was elating! 

We can’t wait to see where our team can help Iconic and their goals in a year, not to mention when they started with us a year after this article was written. At Such n Such Media, we look at every detail with their social media engagement, Google reports, and more for results just like Iconic Garage Door Services. It is among our digital marketing services that we investigate every tiny detail the owners can’t see until we talk them through their monthly report. 

Every tiny success translates to leaps and bounds of progress! Iconic proves one of SEO’s golden rules that any given client won’t see true results until about 90 days into our services with them. More than 6 months later, we’ve realized how far Iconic has come since their onboarding! Iconic Garage Door Services is a unique client with a surplus of monthly SEO hours, ad spending, and a grand company vision that wraps this gift all into one.

Before & After
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