SEO for Therapists

Why Digital Marketing for Therapists is Important

Most people like to keep their healthcare – especially mental healthcare – private which means they are looking online for the best therapists and counselors in their local area. Searching for mental healthcare online means feeling safe and anonymous as people start their journey toward better mental health. 

However, because much of the research for a therapist is online-driven, a practice’s website, social media, and reviews need to be compelling and provide a transparent and safe space where people can seek help. A lack of information and engagement with potential clients means they may not feel comfortable reaching out to you. In establishing your online presence, your practice needs to provide all this information in an easy-to-understand way:

  • List Your Specialties
  • Link to Your Location with Directions
  • Explain Operation Hours and Emergency Helpline
  • Outline Your Qualifications and Experience
  • Provide an Easy Way to Set Up an Appointment

What is SEO for Therapists?

Sure, you agree that digital marketing for mental health providers and their practices is important, but how do you go about making it a priority for your business? You partner with an SEO company that has a passion for mental health. An SEO company for therapist offices understands the unique needs of your practice and has the skills to implement the best SEO methods to increase your success.

 At Such n Such Media, we are passionate about healthcare marketing and are led by an Operations & Marketing Manager with decades of healthcare industry experience. Working with mental health practices, our counselor SEO specialists have found the best methods for increasing local rankings on Google, creating better engagement on social media, and implementing easy-to-use tools that make appointment booking and online chatting easy. As your therapist SEO company, it is our goal to partner with you to reach, serve, and help more people with their mental health struggles.

Our SEO Services for Therapists

Keyword Research & Content Creation

Targeting the right keywords and writing engaging, easy-to-understand content makes all the difference in SEO for therapists. Through research, writing, and editing, we make the unique elements of your practice and specialties the center of our focus. Our content creators will compose website copy that is unique and focused, ensuring you rank well for the services you offer.

Website Design & Development

Having an easy-to-navigate website is vital to ensuring potential clients stay engaged with your content and book an appointment. Slow load times and confusing navigation could mean the difference between someone reaching out to you or choosing a different therapist or counselor. At Such n Such Media, we use the latest website development and design methods to ensure your website is accessible, fast, and visually engaging.

Local SEO

As a local business, your information needs to be accessible to anyone looking to book an appointment or visit your office. Through local SEO for therapists, we will regularly update your Google Business Listing, ensure your contact and location information is easy to find, and proactively add your business to local directories. Each of these steps ensures you are approachable and helpful to the people in your community.

Social Media Management

Social media is a keystone for increasing the success of SEO for therapists. More and more people – especially young adults and teenagers – are looking to businesses’ social media profiles to gain insight into how they operate and if they have the right resources to help people. Our social media managers are prepared to post engaging, empathetic, and inspiring content that will show your followers they are not alone in their mental health struggles.

Reputation Management

For a medical practice, reviews are everything when it comes to showing that your office is a safe place and that your therapists are kind and supportive. Bad reviews – especially ones that don’t receive a response – are red flags that people will not ignore when trying to find the best local therapist. That’s why our team is prepared with the best reputation management practices to help you gain more reviews, respond to each one, and establish a valued patient base. 

Let Such n Such Media Partner with You to Reach More People

As a therapist SEO company, Such n Such Media wants to partner with your practice to reach more people with mental health struggles. While you’re in the office, we are your advocates online – overseeing every aspect of your website, local search results, and social media presence to make you accessible to anyone who needs help. If you’re ready to improve your online presence and reach more people, set up a free consultation with Such n Such Media. We can’t wait to implement our SEO services for therapists and see your practice grow. 

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