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How to Submit a Support Ticket

Something’s gone wrong on your website. Maybe you notice a broken image or a strange glitch, or maybe you need to change your phone number or address. Something’s happened that simply can’t wait until your scheduled week to be fixed. Don’t worry! All you have to do is submit a support ticket!

How to Submit a Support Ticket for Fast Fixes

A support ticket alerts our team that you have an issue that needs to be fixed quickly. It’s very easy to submit one! All you have to do is email your issue to [email protected], and we’ll handle the rest! You should get an automated response stating that your ticket has been received. Your account manager will send a follow-up email with an estimated due date and any questions if needed.

What Information Should Be Included On Your Support Ticket?

There are several things you should include when you submit your support ticket. These things will help our team get the changes made quickly and easily without having to stop and ask questions.

  • The browser you used. The browser you are on (Chrome, Safari, Windows, etc.) can appear different than another browser, so it’s important we know which one you’re using to find the issue.
  • Whether you’re on mobile or desktop. This is crucial information! Some issues will only show up on one or the other, so you want to make sure we’re looking at the right one so we don’t waste a bunch of time!
  • The URL of the page where you’re seeing the issue. Please include what page the issue is on! And no, we cannot tell what page it is by a screenshot of a paragraph. 😂
  • A screenshot of the issue. We love visual aids! Any pics of what you’re seeing is greatly appreciated!
  • A description of what the problem is. Sometimes, we might not be able to tell what the issue is without an explanation. For example, if you want a photo removed because you no longer offer that brand, but don’t tell us that, all we can see is a working photo and no issues!
  • Any other necessary information. Anything else we need to know is appreciated!

What Qualifies as Support Ticket Material?

A support ticket should be for issues that cannot wait. Remember, each client has an assigned week of the month for their work to be completed. Simple things, such as adding new pictures, changing the color of a banner, or making a service area page a higher priority, can all wait for your assigned week.

Things such as:

  • A broken image
  • A down website
  • A down Google Business Profile
  • A broken link
  • A website that won’t load
  • An address or phone number change

Basically, anything that can’t wait should be sent as a support ticket.

How Quickly Will Your Support Ticket Get Resolved?

If we have all the information necessary, you can expect your issue to be resolved within three business days for regular clients. This, of course, excludes extreme emergencies, such as a website going down completely. For clients that have the integrated marketing package, you can expect turnaround time to be 24 hours.

If we do not have all the necessary information, or if the request is more detailed, it may take longer than expected. Your account manager will give you an estimated due date!

Contact Us With Any Questions!

Still have questions? Reach out to your account manager! You can also always send any issues you discover with your site to your account manager!

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