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Friendship Paint & Body Shops

Our Custom Web Design

With Friendship Paint & Body Shops, we focused on creating a unique website with clear, concise content that was easy to navigate. The challenge we encountered with Friendship Paint & Body Shops was adding an eye-catching video to the home screen without decreasing the page speed. Our web design team managed to add a looping video, which is a cool and differentiating feature many companies can’t successfully do. 

We focused on creating content tailored to both locations, one in Stone Mountain and one in Snellville. Throughout the website, we established consistent branding with photos of locations, employees, and products. Effective calls to action were also vital to give customers a sense of urgency. The result is a satisfied client who’s happy with the website design and seeing the impact of customers who can easily access the website and are now knowledgeable about the services offered. We’re lucky to have such a great customer for our auto repair marketing services.

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