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Bearfoot Garage Doors

How We Optimized Bearfoot Garage Doors

Bearfoot Garage Doors is a garage door company serving Pagosa Springs, Durango, Bayfield, and the surrounding areas. They are a family-owned and -operated business that started off in construction and expanded to include garage door services. Now, they have an entire company, Bearfoot Garage Doors, devoted to the repair and installation of residential and commercial doors. 

In preparation for Google’s Page Experience update in June of 2021, we focused on redoing Bearfoot’s website for increased page speed and site performance. Since page speed became a major Google ranking factor, we knew it was vital that we update Bearfoot to compete with competitors and exceed their ranking. We dramatically improved the performance of the website by: 

  • Compressing and optimizing images
  • Minimizing and combining JavaScript and CSS files
  • Minimizing HTTP requests and reducing redirects
  • Minimizing time to first byte (TTFB)
  • Moving the site to our dedicated hosting
  • Redoing the header and footer 
  • Reducing the number of plugins

Before we optimized Bearfoot, it was operating between 30-40 on mobile and 60-70 on desktop. After our optimization, the website now consistently operates between 98-100 for both mobile and desktop.

desktop page speed
mobile page speed

Why Page Speed Optimization Is Important

In a world that moves quickly, users have come to expect instant load times for all their internet searches. Users looking for home service companies are no different. Websites that load slowly are more likely to experience high bounce rates and user abandonment as people will not wait around for a slow website. Over time, a poorly performing website can even be penalized, leading to reduced ranking. That’s why having a fast, mobile responsive, and secure website is important to getting customers to complete a transaction.

What You Can Do

Want to see how your website is performing? Enter your URL into Google Page Speed Insights here:

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