What Customers Want

What Customers Want

We polled the customers of Aaron Overhead Doors and asked them what was most important to them when hiring a home service company. We left the price out of it because we wanted to see what customers would say when the price wasn’t a factor. They could choose from many options, but their most popular choices are telling. 

  1. Customer Service
  2. Knowledgable Employees
  3. Show Up on Time
  4. Communicate
  5. Get To Your Home Quickly 

This report may not be the most unbiased. Aaron Overhead Doors advertises itself as a customer service company in the garage door business. This means we tend to appeal to people who value customer service. So I was only a little surprised when that came up as the number one priority for our customers. But Knowledgable Employees being number two was a surprise. I was anticipating knowledgeable employees being the number one for customers. However, we spend a lot of time training on new products, processes, and sales so I hope our customers notice the knowledge of our employees. The result that I found most remarkable was that Get To Your Home Quickly was last. I suspected that speed would be one of the highest priorities for customers, but apparently, it is not. Instead, customers seem to value Showing Up On Time over showing up quickly. Some people even listed Showing Up On Time as number one. I think this is because convenience has become a selling point more so than it was 20 years ago. Unprofessional home service companies have trained homeowners to expect poor communication and late arrivals. Customer service in the home service industry is not expected. By doing my best to make my services convenient, I can more consistently get satisfied, return customers. 

How We Got Our Data 

To get the above results, we sent our customers an email newsletter which included the survey. We use a great survey-building service called Typeform.com for customer surveys and anonymous employee surveys to get honest feedback. For full transparency, we did offer a $250 drawing incentive for filling out our 3-minute survey. However, the results are telling nonetheless. The results say to me that customers buy into what you are. I bet if every garage door company did this very thing, the results would be different. For example, if we advertised 24/7 emergency same day service as our lead, I imagine our customers would value that more than customer service. Thus the top results would be very different. But our customers, for the most part, are willing to wait for us even if they can get it done quicker elsewhere. The story is this: Know what you do and what your customers want. Getting feedback from your customers can help clarify direction and also confirm what you’re doing right or wrong. 

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