Perimeter Roofing

Perimeter Roofing is a roofing company based in Lawrenceville GA that operates out of three other states including Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida with eight individual locations. They have great local branding, frequently participating in community events and raising money and supplies to help kids in need. But they came to us wanting to do more to make their individual locations successful and drive traffic through local SEO efforts.

Before we started, Perimeter Roofing had one large website. Each location had a landing page, but most of the SEO efforts were targeted toward ranking around Lawrenceville and the surrounding cities. This meant places like Nashville and Auburn had difficulty ranking organically so far from the primary location. To change this, we decided to overhaul this current setup and create something new.

What We Did

After discussing multiple options, we decided we could create the most success for Perimeter by having one main corporate site and making each location its own website. This led to the idea of subdomains, or additional URLs added to the primary domain to split the content into sections. In practice, this became 

As you’ll see in the examples below, we were able to create individual websites for each Perimeter location using this formula. Now, the corporate site maintains the primary domain,, while each location is able to branch off into its own website and cater to customers in that service area. This method also leaves plenty of room to grow as we can easily create new subdomains as Perimeter opens new locations.

Why We Did It

We thought subdomains were the best option for transitioning Perimeter Roofing because the location websites receive a boost from the main website including domain rating and website authority. is like the parent website, with the nine location websites as its children; they get support from the main site, but they still have to grow on their own. 

That’s why, although the location websites can pull on the authority of the primary site, each website still needs to be individually maintained and grown. We devote monthly hours to each location, writing unique content catered to the local area, link building, and managing their Google My Business account. Through our efforts, we have been able to grow the success of Perimeter Roofing and its eight locations. We love having this awesome client and helping their company grow with our roofing marketing.


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