Pacific Garage Doors Increases Visibility With a New Website, Logo, and Digital Marketing Services

As a brand new garage door company working to increase visibility and gain new customers in Charlotte, NC, Pacific Garage Doors began its journey into the realm of digital marketing. They reached out to our team at Such n Such Media requesting a website, logo, ongoing SEO, and help with social media management. 

Designing a website from the ground up offers unlimited opportunities, which perfectly reflects Pacific Garage Doors’ owner, who came to America from Costa Rica with a dream to start his own business one day. The website launched in late July 2023, and after only one full month of SEO and social media services, Pacific Garage Doors has experienced steady growth in site performance, Google rankings, and engagement. 

Check out the results below!

Logo Design 

A company logo is a vital component of building a brand and increasing brand awareness. Pacific Garage Doors wanted a “simple, modern logo that is bold and will pop.” They wanted their logo to stand out from competitors who gravitate towards blues and grays. Our design team was given creative liberty to come up with and present several logo options. 

The “Pacific” portion of the company name pays homage to the owner’s home country, so we wanted to represent this in the design. We chose a red, blue, and white color scheme to match the Costa Rican flag. In regards to this company’s backstory, these colors also symbolize the pursuit of the “American dream.” In three of the logo options, we incorporated seven stars, again with the Costa Rican flag in mind, as shown here: 

After a slight text color adjustment, Pacific Garage Doors had a custom-designed logo that characterized their garage door services, held deeper meaning for the owners, and exceeded their expectations.

Website Design

Pacific Garage Doors needed a website to establish credibility, convert potential customers, and showcase their work. Our web design and development team built a brand new website complete with contact forms and prominent CTAs (call to action), all in an easy-to-use format. 

Content Creation

In addition to designing and formatting the new website, our content creation team wrote keyword-rich pages with the goal of ranking in Google search results. We focused on local keywords, aiming to have Pacific Garage Doors rank locally in Charlotte, NC. You can see in the far right column that Pacific Garage Doors began ranking for 11 new keywords in just the past month! 

Once our keywords began ranking, we then focused our efforts on increasing those rankings higher and higher. The following image shows that Pacific Garage Doors’ keyword rankings increased up to 30 spots in one month! Improving Google rankings is a process: it takes time, strategy, and lots of teamwork. We’re thrilled with the results we’re seeing so far, and this is just the beginning!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

Pacific Garage Doors is a company that understands the importance of ongoing SEO in the long-term success of digital marketing efforts. Each month, our Such n Such team employs a myriad of SEO strategies to improve overall site performance, traffic, and conversions. 

With continuous efforts and attention given to technical SEO, on-page optimization including site speed and image optimization, off-page optimization such as Google Business Profile (GBP) management, and link building, Pacific Garage Doors has come out of the gate strong! As you can see, Pacific Garage Doors’ site and page performance is on an upward trend, and we’re confident this will continue. 

Top pages performance 

Google Search Console – chart only / performance

Social Media 

Our team officially began managing Pacific Garage Doors’ Facebook account on September 21, 2023. Since then, page engagement has increased by 128%! Our social media strategy focuses on creating custom-made graphics and sharing images that:

  • Highlight outstanding customer reviews
  • Showcase beautiful garage door installations
  • Provide insights to the company and its employees
  • Educate the public about garage doors
  • Promote Pacific Garage Doors’ services

You Could Be Our Next Success Story: Let’s Work Together!

Our Such n Such Media team is honored to partner with Pacific Garage Doors. We’re thrilled to support this up-and-coming garage door company with a variety of digital marketing services, and we’re excited to be a part of their ongoing success. 
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