Is Google Adwords Over Priced?

Google AdWords

It’s 1998:

Google has launched as a competitor to Yahoo and other search engines. Shortly after, October 2000, they found an opportunity to generate revenue by running ads on their search results. These ads were cheap and highly effective in all industries, but especially in-home services like garage door companies.

Fast forward to 2019:

Times have changed! Google AdWords is now 19 years old. A new garage door company can launch with only a few ads on Google and an account with HomeAdvisor. They’re up and running in a matter of hours. However, know that Google AdWords can be very effective, but it should not be your main source of income. Not only is it overpriced, but it’s dropping in effectiveness. Why? You now have a lot of DIY AdWord campaigns, but they might not be set up correctly to serve your business. This results in high bids that affect other campaigns.

Our Strategy

At Such n Such Media, we believe you should only use Google AdWords to supplement areas where you’re struggling to succeed. For example, if you’re slow on repairs, you can run an advertisement to boost calls for repairs. Launching a commercial department? AdWords can help you generate quick business until you get your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order and ranking. Hiring a new technician and need to generate a little extra business to keep them busy? The benefit of Google AdWords is that it’s manageable, turned on and off as needed. However, you’re overpaying for “clicks” without gaining the benefits of repeat customers. Our reports and research show that if a customer finds you through Adwords, then they tend to return to Google search to find services in the future; they may not remember your business name. With so many garage door companies competing for the top three spots on Adwords, the price to get a click can range from $2 to as high as $56. The more your competitors are willing to pay, the more you’ll have to pay to maintain your position. This only benefits Google.

So What?

Ok, you get the point. So Google Adwords is expensive, but you’ve been doing it forever. What would we suggest you do to get a better return?

Know that every company is different and will have different needs based on where they’re successful in their strategy. However, social media can be a great option. It is affordable and, if done properly, you can generate a lot of leads from it. It’s a different lead than you’re used to though; you’ll have to work for it. You’ll have to sell yourself. It’s not a hand-out like an inbound call that is searching for your services directly. You’re fishing with social media. You’re targeting specific groups with enticing messaging to get them interested.

Social media marketing is one great way to see results while also reducing your overspending on AdWords.

The message for today is this: Don’t overspend on Google Adwords just because that’s the way you’ve always done it. Always be looking for the next marketing opportunity. Your best customers will be where your competitors aren’t marketing yet.

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