How To Immediately Increase Leads From Your Garage Door Website


Welcome! I’m going to share some information with you that will change your garage door business with only a small amount of effort. First, let’s assume you have a website and a decent amount of traffic there.

Picture your customers when they decide they want to call a garage door company. If you could be a fly on the wall, you’d probably see a few things. You may see kids running around screaming while the mom is trying to figure out how to call and be able to book an appointment with all the background noise. Imagine it being on the list of things to do for days or even weeks. Imagine a business person who can only reach out after office hours. After all, our lives are busy and so something as simple as booking an appointment can be a challenge.

My Experience

I used to work for a software company that specialized in connecting businesses with customers. What we found was that some customers prefer to speak to someone over the phone prior to booking an appointment. This customer typically either has additional questions prior to booking and is trying to judge if they want to hire your company or they prefer a quick phone conversation over reading website details. They don’t want to dedicate 5 – 10 minutes to book an appointment and would prefer text messaging. That way, they can pick the conversation up and put it down at will. This holds true to a degree for live chat and messaging. Lastly, consider a self serve option which allows customers to quickly book appointments or find answers to questions without speaking directly to anyone.

What we found when we analyzed data between callers, texters, live chatters, and self servers, is that they don’t overlap very much. They’re unique! Meaning, if you don’t offer different ways for people to communicate with you, you will miss out on opportunities. Just by making it convenient for different types of people to communicate in the way they prefer, you can double or triple the leads coming from your website.

So, lets bring all of this together. Below are the steps I would take to get the ball rolling:
  1. Find out if your phone service can allow texting to your main number with a way to respond easily.
  2. Research live chat/messaging platforms and add it to your website.
  3. Add a self serve option to your website. Typically this is best done with an “embed code” from your dispatch software.

These are 3 easy steps you can take to increase conversions on your website. Just another tip from Garage Door Marketing by Such n Such Media!

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