How Live Video Is Changing Service Companies

Live Video

Christmas morning arrived, and I opened my Oculus Go. This is a Virtual Reality headset that allows you to watch videos, play games, and travel the world in a 3D virtual reality. After using this technology, I began thinking about how I could apply it to garage door marketing and sales. Specifically, how visual technology could be used to do consultations for customers on new doors.

How Live Video Has Helped Me

It’s Saturday, and I’m a bit behind on work, so I decide to make some calls. I’m working from home, so calls are going to my cell. I get the first call, and the customer is speaking to me about how his door is stuck because the cable came loose. The first thing that came to mind was that the cable came loose and is wrapped around the tube, not allowing the door to come down. He acted like it was an emergency, so I asked some probing questions to make sure.

However, the more I asked, the more confused I became about the problem he couldn’t seem to describe. He got frustrated and asked if we could FaceTime. Face-to-face, I quickly identified his issue. More importantly, however, I saw that he had two single doors on extension and no struts. I sold him two struts and door service, explaining how we would check out the sensors and see what the problem was when we got out there.

The next call? Same. The customer asked me if we could FaceTime. After identifying the issue and scheduling the second appointment, it got me thinking. It is incredibly convenient to have an understanding of a customer’s main problem before going out in order to fix their garage.

How You Can Make Live Video Work For You

Technology is one of my passions, so I started considering how we could do this for our dispatchers at scale. After a brief research, I discovered two primary options. We run on Apple iMacs at our office, so if the customer is indeed an iPhone user, we can launch a FaceTime conversation with them. However, this presents a problem with customers on other platforms.

We’re a G-Suite customer, using it for our files and emails, but we can also utilize an application called Google Hangouts to video with them. Hangouts will be used to service customers who don’t have an Apple phone. This will make the experience even better for our customers, dispatchers, and techs because my company will be more prepared for the jobs. We won’t use this on every call, of course, but it’s nice to enable this for our staff. I’ll do a follow up on how we do with it in the future.

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