Are You Utilizing Nextdoor For Your Garage Door Company?

NextDoor Set-up

NextDoor is a social media app for neighborhoods. The company, founded in 2008,  launched its product in the US in Oct 2011. Homeowners request access, and NextDoor verifies the homeowner’s address by sending a postcard with a unique code on it for access to the app. You can even invite your neighbors by sending them a postcard invite. Until recently, NextDoor didn’t run ads. It was and is primarily used for “I lost my dog/cat” or ” Please tell your kids to stay off my lawn” posts. There is even a popular Facebook group that catalogs the best and funniest posts on NextDoor. However, there are some benefits to neighbors coming together.

Although promoting your garage door business is not permitted using your personal account, you can request access to advertise your business. For example, NextDoor recently allowed my company, Aaron Overhead Doors, to participate in a beta test called “Offers.” I posted deals for neighborhoods around our business or specific zip code. About six months later, Offers changed and became more sophisticated, so they charge for the Offers option now. However, this can still be a useful resource to advertise your business to local neighborhoods or specific areas you have worked in often.

Let me walk you through how to set up an offer.

NextDoor Set-up
If you have the option for Offers, it will be included in the navigation menu on the top left side of the page when you’re logged into your business page.
NextDoor Offers
Simply build out a compelling title and description with an offer the homeowners will find interesting.
Next Door Area Select
Choose your location by zip code and radius around that area. Prices start as little as $30.
NextDoor Photos
NextDoor Offer Review
This is a screen shot of the confirmation of your ad.

The value is enormous! Not everyone is doing offers on NextDoor, so you should jump on it before others do. NextDoor Offers won’t be one of the best-kept secrets for long. We strongly encourage you to use NextDoor to promote your garage door company.

Are you using Nextdoor? How has it been for you? We would love your feedback! Please leave it in the comments.

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